Welcome to Pursuit SF

It’s been a long road, but we’re finally here with the launch of Pursuit SF’s new website—and I’m celebrating that fact!

It could seem that an event like a website launch would be a relatively small victory in the grand scheme of things, but one thing I can say I have learned as I’ve been on the journey of launching a ministry birthed out of God given passion is that…

You celebrate the small things AND the big things God does in your midst

There were so many times on this road to launching Pursuit SF where I thought we wouldn’t make it—we wouldn’t be able to get off the ground, we wouldn’t be able to make an impact, we couldn’t help transform the Bay Area for Christ and help people pursue God to a greater extent in their lives.

And truth be told, those thoughts still linger. But that fact that we have come to a place of launching a site and have what’s necessary to make ministry happen is one more step in this journey and I’m thanking God for it

You see, to me, it’s all about chasing the heart of God and when you chase after Him, you begin to see how He provides and fuels that passion for Himself even more in your life.

That’s what Pursuit SF is all about—transforming the way we pursue God. We seek to leave behind lives of mediocrity and seek to go all in for what God is calling us to.

As a ministry, we want to be able to help others do exactly that. You’ll see by browsing through our site, it’s our commitment to doing this with people as we chase after God together.

So, here’s to the celebration of the victories God gives us as we run after Him

Here’s to your pursuit. Here’s to our pursuit.

Welcome to Pursuit SF

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