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Matt Benford

Matt Benford

Executive Director

Matt has a passion for the equipping the local church.

With a degree from Moody Bible Institute in Pastoral Studies and Bible and, more recently, a Masters in Business Administration from Crown College, his passion for bridging the "business of church" with the unique call of churches to share the gospel, Matt founded Pursuit SF. His heart for equipping the local church extends from his own experience serving in churches as a pastor. His passion for innovation grew from wanting to see the church not just survive, but thrive reaching an ever changing culture in a new, fresh way.

When not engaged in ministry, Matt enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife, Angela, live in San Francisco with their son, Emerson. Personally, Matt spends his time reading and discovering new trends in business and technology.

Alvin Lin

Alvin Lin

Strategic Director

Alvin’s past ten years have been a testament of God’s unrelenting love through his struggles with his Mom’s long battle with cancer and meaningful relationships that have changed and shaped the way he understands and shares the Gospel.

He believes that God is writing a unique story in everyone’s lives, and our openness in sharing those stories bring relevance, life, and meaning to the worship we bring to God from a heart of surrender.

He is passionate about working with business ventures and creative projects driven by a desire to inspire positive change. Most recently, Alvin’s growing heart to bring together a community of worship leaders and teams in the Bay Area to be inspired, equipped, and restored, gave way to the Encounter Worship Community. This is a community with a purpose to connect people to people, and people to God.

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